This week, over 200 school-aged children brought the KSU Center to life in our SummerU program. At this very time, they are in the atrium showing off their week’s work. Actually, the pizzas and pies coming out of the Baking for Teens program look pretty good. And I’m betting that the kids with the virtual reality goggles created a pretty good computer game over the week.

Dr. Tim Blumentritt, Dean of the College of Professional Education
Tim Blumentritt, Dean, CPE

We design our camps to combine interesting materials with the right amount of fun. The kids will engage in everything from a writer’s workshop to drawing comic book art to learning about robotics and computer science. The energy in the atrium is a testament to the effort our staff and instructors put into making it all a good time, too. If only all learning could be as enjoyable. Having ice cream, of course, sure does help.

Over the next six weeks or so, a total of over 1,500 kids will spend part of their summer with SummerU . For a full list of programs, visit this page. If you have kids looking for something to do, take a look (we offer morning and afternoon care options as well).