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Administrative Professional Grad Increases Her Workplace Worth

Administrative Professional Grad Increases Her Workplace Worth

“Education never stops.” This is one of the many credos valued by Delores Armstead. The quintessential example of a lifelong learner, Delores discovered Kennesaw State after her daughter began attended as an undergraduate. The Oxford, N.C., native knew she wanted to pursue a career that matched her strengths.

“I’ve always had great secretarial and computer skills,” she said. Once again, due to her daughter’s influence, Delores found herself at KSU Center — home of the College of Continuing and Professional Education (CCPE).

Developing Marketable Skills
In an effort to sharpen her computer skills, Delores earned her Microsoft Office certificate. The program is comprised of classes in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access. Upon completion, she decided to pursue a legal interest and began work in our Paralegal certificate program. After finishing a few of the program’s required 13 classes, Delores landed a full-time role as a member of a legal affairs team. She entered that position with an extensive background in law office management and legal support experience with corporate in-house counsel, shareholders and law firms – based on her past employment and continuing education course work.

Delores’ first order of business was to request permission from her supervisor to complete our Paralegal program. Instead, he recommended CCPE’s Administrative Professional Certificate course due to the responsibilities of her new role. Previously unaware of the class, Delores is now thankful for the opportunity it presented. “The course was so informative and very detailed,” she said. “Nothing went uncovered.”

A Rewarding Experience
Reflecting more on her experience in the Administrative Professional program, Delores said it allowed her to enhance the level of excellence and diligence needed to support key attorneys and their direct reports by effectively managing key priorities.

“The coursework has given me greater confidence and effectiveness in that I can meet and exceed the expectations set forth in my position.”

She added, “More importantly, it has allowed me to communicate with others, enhancing my communications skills, productivity and my professional development to build a network outside of legal affairs. My interpersonal skills have been strengthened, producing improved working relationships with colleagues at all levels.”

When asked about the most important aspects she learned in the course, Delores cited calendar management, effective correspondence, memorandums, preparing a filing system, effective PowerPoint presentations, customer service, honing computer skills, organizational abilities, and expense reporting and developing a travel portfolio for the executive.

After receiving the highest grade in her class, Delores boasted, “I have gained a wealth of knowledge in office efficiency taught by some amazing instructors. It has certainly attributed to effective learning, success-building techniques and strategies that are vital in achieving workplace goals and objectives.”

Taking it to the Next Level
As she continues her journey in lifelong learning, Delores plans to return to CCPE to complete her Paralegal certificate in an effort to become an even more valuable member of her organization.

Delores’ Credos

  • Education doesn’t stop
  • Grasp everything you can learn
  • Keep your mind sharp
  • Education is vital to success
  • It’s not just learning, but applying it then passing it on to someone else

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