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Health Coach Grad Weight Loss and Wellness Success

Health Coach Grad Weight Loss and Wellness Success

Ashley Witter, Health Coach graduate, struggled with weight and health for many years. Her journey began when she hit her breaking point with a high-level corporate job where she was working numerous hours. Feeling sick and extremely stressed, Ashley was eating for comfort to deal with the job demands and sleep deprivation.

Late-night meals combined with skipping meals lead to more weight gain and anxiety. With limited time, she could not enjoy exercising as she once had.

In August 2015, she decided to regain her health. First, Ashley resigned from her job. Next, with the help of her family, checked herself into a weight loss clinic. Today, she has maintained a 95-pound weight loss.

“It wasn’t easy, but I figured out the tools to do it and I couldn’t be happier,” she said. “I am rejuvenated, healthy and ultimately the best version of myself.”

Ashley Witter, graduating June 2016

Ashley Witter, graduating June 2016

Since losing the weight, she followed her passion and received her Health Coach Certificate. Ashley now works as a health coach and personal trainer with The American Council on Exercise.

“My goal now is to help others succeed and act as a guiding mentor and coach in learning the healthy way to lose weight and most of all just feel better,” she said. Ashley also has started her own website to help and encourage others to lose weight. She gives readers a look into her favorite health documentaries and trending topics.

For Ashley, the small steps throughout the day improved her overall health which are included on the site to help others.

Tips include:

  • Packing a lunch to work
  • Getting up from your desk and moving around
  • Taking the stairs
  • Going to bed early enough to let food metabolize
  • Eating nutrient-dense foods that keep you full
  • Investing in a FitBit, which she finds it to be a good motivator

With her story, Ashley wants others to find inspiration that anyone can do it and make the changes they want. She said, “We all have the ability to change, but you have to be motivated to take the leap!”

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