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HR Certificate Graduates Share Their Stories

HR Certificate Graduates Share Their Stories

Business is changing and employers are insisting human resource professionals adapt to that change. The HR profession operates at the core of this global economy, ensuring the alignment of organizational strategy with a high-performing workforce.

We have partnered with the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) to offer classes for these innovative human resource management certifications that have become the new global standard. “Earning your certificate in these courses will help you gain a competitive advantage and boost your professional worth,” said HR Program Manager Jennifer Henderson.

Companies have no greater asset than their people and the management of functions related to human resources is absolutely critical in today’s business success. “From learning the essentials to SHRM-CP/SHRM-SCP certification preparation and exam review, our experienced instructors will help you develop the knowledge you need to work effectively,” Jennifer said.

Graduate Insights:

Chynita Hopps learned about the HR classes from the SHRM website. She chose to register for this course because it worked best for her schedule and was the only class available on Saturday in the current testing window that she needed.

Our classes are offered in Alpharetta, Kennesaw and Atlanta locations, as well as online.

Before taking this course, Chynita received an MBA and master’s degree in Human Resources Management. She worked as an HR representative, senior representative, HR consultant, HR team lead and an HR generalist, and has eight years of experience in the field.

Chynita completed the KSU course on May 19. She passed the certification test the following month, exclaiming, “I felt accomplished!”

Gisela Garcia-Soto

Gisela Garcia-Soto

Gisela Garcia-Soto searched and found that KSU’s instructors had a good reputation when it came to teaching the human resources course. Fellow colleagues of hers, who had taken the class and successfully passed the exam, also recommended the course. She took the 13-week class at the Alpharetta location.

Before taking this course, Gisela worked for a human resource outsourcing company. Ever since she applied to work there, her goal had been to become certified to work in HR.

She had a wonderful experience with the program. Gisela said her instructor, Xavier Cugnon, was great and felt that his knowledge and experience made the class interesting and enjoyable. “He engaged with us and that helped tremendously,” she said.

She finished the course in late May and then went on to take the SHRM certification test in June. Before Gisela took the SHRM exam she was nervous “because you want to do well.” She used the entire four hours given to take the exam and throughout, she was able to flag questions that she was unsure about. This helped her to focus on what the questions were asking.

“The ladies that worked at the site are pleasant and professional,” said Gisela. “And once the proctor signed and placed [my] seal on the sheet, I was so relieved and thankful.”

Her next goal is to transition into a role like an HR business partner, generalist or recruiter. Ideally she would like to work with foreign employees who travel to the United States with workers (H-1B) visas. Since Gisela is bilingual in Spanish and English, she wants to be able to use those skills with companies that do business with Spanish-speaking countries.

Malcolm Smith recently took the helm as HR director at Beauflor. He said the course at KSU added to his credentials and helped him land the job.

Carla Newkirk said earning her SHRM-CP certification was the best thing she’s done this year, and the class made it possible.

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