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Katherine Butterworth, Pharmacy Technician

Katherine Butterworth, Pharmacy Technician

Katherine Butterworth was motivated to register for our Pharmacy Technician program after a friend raved to her about the success she found in the course. With her interest in the medical field growing, Katherine took a leap and signed up.

“When I found out how quick she found a job after completing the course, I figured it would be ridiculous not to give it a shot,” she said.

Katherine has an associate’s degree in science and she worked in the customer service field for some time and overall enjoyed it. She always had an interest in working with medicine and saw the need for pharmacy technicians growing rapidly. The appeal of the job increased when she learned it was a fast-paced job. She knew that she would be able to pick up the material quickly.

“I needed something that I enjoyed doing and could learn from. I’m not a ‘sit behind a desk’ kind of person, and this was something that would keep me on my toes,” she said.

In the classroom, she felt her teachers had a great grasp on the subject and enjoyed having professionals from the field passing along their insight. “I’d have to say the hospital tour and seeing the field in action was my favorite part,” she said.

The class size encouraged her and other classmates to get to know each other. After the program was over, they continued to stay in touch to help each other through experiences they are facing.

Two days after finishing the course, Katherine got a job working as a pharmacy technician at Publix. Her responsibilities at work include filling scripts, entering scripts, and interacting with insurance companies and customers. She has found that many skills she learned in class have transferred to her job. The skills lab they did during class was something that helped Katherine from the beginning, and she has continued to develop those skills on the job.

“This program helped me to have the confidence and knowledge prior to walking in the doors the first day of work,” she said.

For the future, Katherine wants to further her skill set. She looks forward to continuing to learn and grow within the field.

For those interested in the program, Katherine had this to say: “Don’t hesitate. Just do it! You won’t regret it. I had a job within two days of completing this course and that was thanks to the people that are part of this program.”

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