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Master Artist

Master Artist

An art education graduate from the University of Georgia, Kathy Rennell Forbes is an established artist and longtime CCPE instructor. One of her most notable courses is an OLLI watercolor course, Watercolor from the Masters, where students study famous artists and their work to create their own painting.

“Students actually learn and paint art by the masters, rather than get something from Pinterest,” Kathy said.

Along with teaching at KSU, Kathy also takes her students across the globe. She has visited Italy, Spain and Cuba, among other countries.

“I traveled in the U.S. with my family as a child and then internationally with my husband,” Kathy said. “After I returned to teaching art, I also combined with my passion for travel; first in the states and then internationally.”

Recently, she visited Provence, France, with a team of students where they toured the area with watercolor supplies and a journal. Students explored the area while also painting demos daily with Kathy.

She said her course is geared for people who are interested in learning about art through live demonstration, conversation and individual guidance from an experienced local and global instructor.

“It encourages mindfulness,” Kathy said. “Painting is all about focusing.”

In this time-lapse, Kathy re-creates a watercolor demonstration entitled “Vincent’s Olive Grove.” It was inspired by two factors: Vincent van Gogh’s legendary paintings and Kathy’s visit to the Saint-Paul Asylum in Provence, France, where Van Gogh was admitted from 1889-1890.

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