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Meeting & Event Grad Lands Job at The Battery

Meeting & Event Grad Lands Job at The Battery

Meeting & Event Management graduate Kimberly Goler-Stubbs was seeking new skills and opportunities to network. In the Meeting & Event Management course, she did just that. With instructors in the field, they guided her towards professional organizations such as MPI, Meeting Professionals International.

“They offer workshops throughout the year and you get it all at a student rate,” she said. “When you take this class, everything is at a student rate and you get hands on professors that are there to give you all of the details that you need to be successful.”

Kimberly always had a passion for event planning; from logistics to creating memorable moments. She worked for eight years as an Assistant Director of Student Activities in University Housing and Student Activities for KSU.

“In my previous job, I was meeting and event planning but this class helped me expand on that,” she said. “It helped to figure out the world of corporate.”

This program is designed for both new and aspiring managers, as well as the experienced planner, who wants to learn the latest industry trends and increase their knowledge and skills in this rapidly growing industry. Key topics that all students can expect to learn will be destination and on-site management, marketing and promotion, social media, legal issues, and meeting and event technology. Students can will be prepared for positions in top career industries such as catering, entertainment and hotel and resort.

In the course, a case studied is assigned. Kimberly advises to break it in to several parts. Although it seems hard, it is manageable with help from partners. She said, “The main goal is to come together and develop ideas that you can present.”


Using the instructors as a direct line to the field helped Kimberly out the most. She said, “The fact that you have professors that are in the classroom that are working in the profession that they are teaching their lessons on, you get to ask them direct questions.”

Kimberly graduated from the program in November 2016. Taking this course allowed her to boost her event planning skills so that she could pursue her passion.

She accepted a job offer soon after as the Program Coordinator for Boomtown in partnership with Comcast NBC Universal.

Boomtown is a startup accelerator based in Boulder, Colorado. She will be the event planner as Boomtown introduces the new platform The Farm at Comcast. The Farm will be located in The Battery and will offer a variety of programs to support selected startups. It is a part of Comcast MBC Universal’s LIFT program to encourage entrepreneurship.

Her daily schedule changes but in general, she meets with potential clients to host events in the space and providing them tours. Kimberly also conducts site visits for upcoming events to ensure the client’s needs are met. She said, “The ability to be creative and work with variety of vendors is what I enjoy most about working in the field.”


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