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OLLI Travel Group Q&A

OLLI Travel Group Q&A

Unforgettable small-group travel experiences are waiting with the OLLI travel group. Travel is one of those things that naturally gives rise to questions and concerns. For those interested, we have answered the most frequently asked questions.

What is the OLLI travel group?

A newly formed group of individuals who have come together to plan trips for OLLI students and others that are 50 and older. The majority of these students are looking for others to travel with and seeking to find a group that is interested in taking short day trips together as well as domestic and international travel.

What types of travel will be available?

Local day trips will be planned for anyone that is interested in meeting a group of OLLI students to enjoy a local area or to share in an educational opportunity. Domestic trips will be planned nearby and across the country. The possibilities are endless. International trips will be planned and the committee is already working with travel agents and researching some amazing trips that you would all want to join.

Will this be an educational travel opportunity?

All of the trips will focus on cultural, historical and scenic locations. When it is possible, a course may be offered prior to the trip where individuals that choose may learn about the area, culture, language and sights.

What if I am traveling alone?

Most of our travel group is planning to travel alone. Through this OLLI group, you will meet others to share accommodations. It is typically more affordable and it is always more fun.

Do I have to be over 50 years of age?

OLLI is designed for individuals that are 50 and older. The planned travel will be designed for individuals of this age.

Are volunteers needed to help plan trips and how do I get involved?

All of the travel opportunities will be volunteer-led. Teams are forming in the areas of day trip travel, domestic travel and international travel. Contact Pat Walker, OLLI program manager, at pwalke43@kennesaw.edu to be placed on the email list for future planning meetings.

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