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Success Looks Like: Mattie Logan Terakami, Meeting & Event Management graduate

Success Looks Like: Mattie Logan Terakami, Meeting & Event Management graduate

Coordination domination took Mattie Logan Terakami around the world with her Meeting & Event Management Certificate in tow. She was featured on the cover of our magazine in 2015 and shared her experience in our program and subsequent success in the hospitality industry.

As an associate account manager for a full-service meeting and event planning company — with an emphasis on incentive group travel — Mattie was able to take her talents to Germany, Mexico, the Dominican Republic and a host of other countries.

“I owe my career in planning to this program,” she said. “It gives you the tools to build a career and support to help you grow and succeed.”

Today, Mattie is the e-commerce manager for fab’rik (www.fabrikstyle.com), a clothing boutique company with more than 40 locations nationwide. Her Meeting & Event Management certificate and previous position are both instrumental in her new role.

Mattie Logan Terakami has taken her Meeting & Event Management Certificate all around the world — including the world wide web as e-commerce manager for fab’rik.

“Whether you get certified to plan meetings, weddings, conferences, or even travel programs, it is all about the experience,” Mattie explains. “As an event planner, you create the scene, tone, and environment of your guests. As an e-commerce manager, I create the same level of service and environment for online shoppers, to keep them coming back time and again. Our world is turning into a place where experience living is at the helm and because of this, the hospitality and service industry will always be thriving!”

Education was the key for Mattie’s career progression, and she lauds the opportunities a professional certificate can provide.

“The greatest thing I have done for my career is go back to school. I had a dream, passion, and sought what I needed to in order to achieve it,” she said. “This opportunity opens so many doors! The subjects studied during my course, and real-life tests at my previous job I got through successful course completion, got me to where I am today and can get you to the next level in your professional career.”

Mattie said the hospitality industry is a great fit for her due to the opportunities she has had to interact with others and make their day. Receiving positive feedback — whether it’s from an event she’s hosted or a fab’rik customer — is Mattie’s motivation. She also thrives on the creativity and ever-changing environments.

“[It] ultimately keeps me coming back for more! Having a service-oriented mindset is something I’ve strived for as long as I can remember,” she said. “I may not know what I want to do for the rest of my life. But I do know that I feel comfortable knowing that continuing education is available and attainable if I seek the opportunity and always keep an open mind to grow.”


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