Lab Safety Institute



Lab Safety Institute (LSI) Seminar
Full-day Safety in Secondary Science School Labs


Safety in the School Science Laboratory is an intensive one-day professional development short course covering the fundamentals of laboratory safety and how to create a more effective lab safety program.  Topics covered include: Introduction to Lab Safety Programs, The Three Cs of Safety, The Scope of the Problem, Accidents, Legal Aspects, Planning for Emergencies, Chemical Handling, Chemical Storage, Biological and Animal Hazards, Eye and Face Protection, Hazardous Waste Disposal, Electrical Safety, and Safety Program Planning.


A special rate for this seminar is offered to all conference attendees. This full-day workshop in an amazing opportunity for teachers, school administrators and science supervisors to attend.


Seminar Schedule/Topics


  Movie: “Eye and Face Protection”
  Three Cs of Safety
  Scope of the Problem
  Legal Aspects
  Activity: Planning for Emergencies
  Chemical Handling & Storage
  Biological and Animal Hazards
  Eye and Face Protection
  Disposal of Chemicals
  Activity: Your Most Serious Problem
  Electrical Safety
  Planning Your Safety Program
  Safety Information Resources
  Questions And Answers
  Informal Roundtable Discussions for Interested Participants


Participants receive the LSI 270-page Laboratory Safety Program Notebook.


Registration Fee: $250.00 for conference registrants – that is a 45% savings




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