Innovation White Belt


Innovation is crucial to every business, especially now.

“The difficulty lies not so much in developing new ideas as in escaping from old ones.” – John Maynard Keynes Economist (1883-1946)


Innovation – Creating and adopting something new that generates business value. Sounds easy, right? But how do you create that culture in your organization? Innovation White Belt is the initial step toward creating an innovative business culture. Innovative ideas create tension. Learn how to navigate through those situations and reach the innovation culture that’s on the other side. Case studies simulate how leaders can successfully achieve innovation.


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Gain Knowledge in the Following Key Topics

  • Launch innovations that delight customers and leave competitors saying: “How do they do it? 
  • Innovate to create value that drives profits and loyalty 
  • Map an emotional interface strategy for every touchpoint 
  • Prototype new products and new business models 
  • Play a lead role in building an innovative culture 
  • Apply the most popular innovation frameworks 
  • Achieve world-class rates of innovation 
  • Create a culture of innovation 

Add Value to Your Organization

  • Create innovative business culture
  • Use creative tension to your business’ advantage
  • Digital badge – Innovation White Belt

Program Details

Fee$895 per person


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