Executive Women’s Leadership Certificate


This unique Executive Women’s Leadership Certificate will teach you how to interact with power, navigate the workplace, and take the lead with innovative ideas and methods. The program will be a career-changing experience and impact the way you negotiate, manage teams, and lead.

This intense research-based workshop explores how women in the workplace encounter distinct attitudes, behaviors, preconceptions, and repercussions. Finally, we turn the empirical findings into actionable plans and solutions.


You will learn from expert leaders who make it their business to question your preconceptions, confront your concerns, and turn hurdles into possibilities. Additionally, you will do it all in the company of other driven and fearless women, building a personal and professional network that will serve you well throughout your career.

  • Global DISC Assessment and Evaluation
  • Women Leaders: Developing Executive Presence
  • Negotiation Strategies and Gender Bias
  • Power Balancing and Gender Dynamics
  • The Impact of Networking
  • Leadership Panel


The Executive Women’s Leadership Certificate Program is an excellent opportunity for:

  • Women leaders in mid-level to senior-level positions (8+ years of experience)
  • Women interested in seeking board positions
  • Women entrepreneurs


  • Elevate your leadership style and the way you negotiate and manage teams
  • Develop your skills as a negotiator and learn the intricacies of successful negotiation
  • Analyze team makeup, leverage information exchange, and resolve leadership concerns to improve team effectiveness
  • Recognize and react to the organizational influence of various management styles by deciphering the subtle messages of power
  • Learn about social networks and strategies and how to use them to influence individuals and groups
  • Build a solid personal and professional network with peers from different industries and continents facing similar difficulties and possibilities

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